What is the Integumentary System?

Our hair, skin, nails, sweat and oil glands make up the integumentary system. Together, they protect the body from dehydration and infection while assisting in body temperature regulation.


Using a baking soda rinse can help remove excess hair product to reveal more healthy and manageable hair. Mix 3 tablespoons in a cup of water and use as a rinse after you shampoo. Wait 3 minutes before your final rinse. Next, condition and style!


FACT: Your skin aids in the production of Vitamin D. At least 15 minutes a day of direct sunlight with as much skin exposed as possible and no sun screen is recommended for proper Vitamin D synthesis. If you have fair skin, 10 minutes may be enough, but if you have darker skin, you may need 20-30 minutes of sun daily. Still, many are Vitamin D deficient and must supplement this fat-soluble vitamin to ensure normal levels are circulating in the blood stream. Vitamin D is widely known to be critical for bone health, but new research has found that those with Vitamin D deficiency are 31% higher risk to develop colorectal cancer.

How can lifestyle affect your skin?

We all know too much sun can cause skin cancer and early signs of aging. Lesser known facts like drinking alcohol and smoking can cause deeper wrinkles, poor muscle tone, and small spider veins in the face are true as well. Stress and a poor diet lead to faster aging too, even if you are not overweight. A worried face creates more wrinkles, and a diet high in fat, sugar, dairy and processed foods cause your cells, including your skin cells, to age faster. Being underweight or overweight can affect the skin’s youth as well. Being underweight causes the skin to sag and creates more wrinkles, while being overweight can cause a flabby, low muscle tone appearance. Choosing a diet rich in fresh, natural foods, high in antioxidants and incorporating physical movement in your daily routine can help lower your risks of premature aging.

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FACT: Hypothyroidism can be the cause of brittle nails. Dry, cracked or brittle nails can also occur from a dry nail plate due to over use of nail polish remover, swimming, frequent dishwashing or living in a low humidity environment. If you have nail fungus, adding 1-2 drops of tea tree and oregano essential oils to the nails twice daily could help.

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Benefits of Natural Health Solutions

Safe and Effective

Many studies prove the effectiveness of natural health products and most people report feeling better when they integrate natural health solutions into their daily living.

Individualized Approach

Monaco produces tailored natural health solutions specifically targeted to your needs and designed from answers you provide.

Optimization of Health

Botanicals and your body have a synergistic relationship. Give your body the tools it needs to optimize your health and elevate you to your best self, naturally.

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