What is the Reproductive System?

The male and female gonads, testes and ovaries, together with the internal and external sexual organs constitute the reproductive system. These organs work together for the purpose of reproduction, producing the male and female gametes, sperm (the smallest cell in the body) and ova (the largest cell in the body), in order to create new life.


The brain is where the spark starts when you’re feeling the desire to be intimate, not in the sex organs. The hypothalamus produces dopamine, a hormone critical for pleasure, when you experience something like a special kiss or romantic touch. Some research also suggests your sex drive may be proportionate to the size of your amygdala, the emotion center of the brain.

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FACT: Eating foods rich in antioxidants or taking an antioxidant supplement, eating more vegetable protein than animal protein, and taking a multivitamin can boost a woman’s fertility. Studies show a 5% deduction in infertility risk associated with each hour of exercise, however intense daily exercise had a negative effect on fertility. One study found that consuming bee pollen was linked to improved sperm quality and male fertility. Studies also show that taking bee propolis twice a day resulted in a 40% greater chance of conceiving after 9 months for women with endometriosis.


FACT: Diet has a significant impact on uterine fibroids. Studies show eating red meat in excess, too many refined carbohydrates and drinking alcohol increases your risk of developing fibroids. Foods you should incorporate to lower your risk of fibroids include fiber-rich, brightly colored foods like raw and steamed veggies, quinoa, fresh herbs, lentils beans and whole grain bread. The bioflavonoid EGCG in green tea can help reduce the size and number of fibroids.

How can lifestyle affect your reproductive health?

While riding a bike is great exercise, it can cause repetitive trauma to your prostate gland. This can cause chronic prostatitis or chronic pain like chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS). Cycling can have a negative impact on your fertility as well. Not to worry! You can purchase the right type of bicycle seat that will not put pressure on your groin area. The right seat will ensure blood flow to the groin and penis keeps flowing, prevents numbness and will not cause prostate irritation.

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