Why is a holistic health approach great for pets?

There are more veterinarians practicing holistic medicine today than ever before. Holistic vets consider a pet’s overall health, using traditional and alternative therapies to address your pet’s needs. They not only rely on lab tests and prescription drugs, but also on acupuncture, massage, and herbal remedies to keep pets healthy. Changes in pets’ diets and lifestyles are recommended to help decrease the risk of chronic illnesses like obesity, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer. SOURCE


Catnip is a great herb to add to your dog’s diet! It is well known for bringing cats to a euphoric state, but it is also an appetite stimulant that aids in digestion and helps calm the nerves. It can also encourage a good night’s sleep and has mosquito repellent properties. Catnip supports the gastrointestinal system, stimulating bile flow and helping break down fats. Simply steep two teaspoons of dried or four teaspoons of fresh catnip in hot water for ten minutes to make a catnip tea for your dog. Allow it to cool before giving it to your pet.

FACT: Pets can benefit from acupuncture therapy. Conditions such as back pain, arthritis, indigestion, organ prolapse, muscle spasms and many more can be alleviated with acupuncture treatments.


FACT: Dogs and cats can benefit greatly from chiropractic treatment, especially if they have a slipped disc or pinched nerve. Other non-musculoskeletal concerns such as skin disorders, epilepsy and behavior problems to name a few can also benefit from chiropractic treatment. A practitioner trained in chiropractic therapy for animals will use gentle pressure to realign the spine or other joints to ensure proper nerve flow to the muscles, organs and tissues.

How can lifestyle affect your pet’s health?

The same unhealthy habits that affect people can have a significant effect on pets, too. A sedentary lifestyle that keeps you and your pet inactive can have negative effects on their health. Regular exercise will help your dog build muscle mass, improve their lung capacity and keep their weight under control. Overeating and sharing snacks with your pet can lead to obesity for them. If you curb snacking when you aren’t truly hungry, you can decrease the opportunities for your pet to beg for goodies, and even lose a few pounds yourself. Smoking is another habit that can have ill effects on your pet. Secondhand smoke can cause your pet to develop chronic respiratory disease and allergies. Cats can develop mouth cancer from licking smoke particles from their fur. Wiping down your cat with a damp towel on a regular basis can help remove smoke particles from their coat. Riding in a car without a seatbelt is not a good idea for you or your pet. Cats should be in a carrier and not allowed to roam free in the car, while dogs should be kept safe with a seat belt harness.

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