What is the Cardiovascular System?

The Cardiovascular System consists of the heart, veins and arteries found in the body.  Its function is to circulate the blood through the body including the lungs where it picks up oxygen and drops of carbon dioxide.  As the blood is delivering oxygen and nutrients to body tissues, it is also picking up waste that will eventually be excreted from the body.


The blood is made in the bones?  That’s right, our bones have a spongy tissue called marrow inside of them that is responsible for making our blood cells.  The marrow is more active when our blood supply demand is increased, such as during hemorrhage or if we are sick.  The process of making blood is called hemopoiesis.
FACT: Cholesterol plaques are the usual cause of stroke, heart attack and peripheral artery disease (1).  Lowering your cholesterol is key to help prevent these adverse health events.
FACT: Numerous clinical trials have proven hawthorn can improve exercise capacity and treat mild to moderate heart failure while alleviating symptoms of cardiac insufficiency.
FACT: Both hibiscus sabdariffa tea and extract have been clinically proven to significantly lower cholesterol levels after just one month of use, reducing levels by 8.3 to 14.4%.

How can lifestyle affect your Cardiovascular System?

Move much?  Having a sedentary lifestyle or simply sitting for long periods of time can have a negative effect on your cardiovascular system.  Sitting at a desk all day slows circulation to your legs and can cause swelling.  Get up and walk around the office for five to ten minutes at least once per hour.

Walking around your neighborhood after dinner is a great way to help with circulation.  You should walk at a comfortable rate, elevating your heart and breathing rate at least three to four times a week.

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