What is the Immune System?

The immune system helps protect our body against harmful pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. It is made up of various types of cells that fight infectious organisms in the body as well as different organs that work in harmony to protect the body from invaders.


Apple cider vinegar is a great household condiment that can combat symptoms of allergies. A tablespoon a day can help reduce mucus production. Add it to a cup of stinging nettle or rooibos herbal tea and local honey for a more palatable experience with added anti-allergy benefits. Bee Pollen,  acupuncture and probiotics can aid in allergy relief as well. Even exercising has allergy relieving benefits! Research has shown that moderate to intense exercise for 30 minutes can lead to significant allergy relief. This is due to the anti-inflammatory effect exercise has on the nasal passages. Which all-natural remedy will you try this allergy season?


FACT: Turkey tail is a medicinal mushroom that is a powerful immune stimulator. It contains the compound polysaccharide-k or PSK which is responsible for its immune stimulating activity. PSK is prescribed in Japan as an approved anticancer drug. Turkey tail has been proven to increase survival rate for those with certain types of cancer, improve immune function in chemotherapy patients, and fight leukemia cells.


FACT: Laughter is good for your immune system! Laughter releases feel-good hormones, including dopamine, which helps decrease stress. High stress levels have a negative impact on your immune system, allowing for increased risk of illness or prolonged illness due to decreased ability to fight off infection.

Supplement recommendations for optimal allergy and immune health:

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Benefits of Natural Health Solutions

Safe and Effective

Many studies prove the effectiveness of natural health products and most people report feeling better when they integrate natural health solutions into their daily living.

Individualized Approach

Monaco produces tailored natural health solutions specifically targeted to your needs and designed from answers you provide.

Optimization of Health

Botanicals and your body have a synergistic relationship. Give your body the tools it needs to optimize your health and elevate you to your best self, naturally.

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