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Holistic Health Coaching Packages
The Mediterranean


Includes 4 weeks platform access

1 – 60 Min Initial Consultation
1 – 45 Min Coaching Session

The Riviera


Includes 6 weeks platform access

1 – 60 Min Initial Consultation
3 – 45 Min Coaching Sessions

The Monte Carlo


Includes 8 weeks platform access

1 – 60 Min Initial Consultation
6 – 45 Min Coaching Sessions


 Coaching for Medical Practices


Health Coaching for Your Patients

Improved Compliance Better Outcomes

Do you create specialized treatment plans for your patients?  Is your practice growing, requiring more of your time to be spent with new patients and leaving less time available for follow ups?  Would you like to see improved compliance and better patient outcomes?  Or do you simply want a more engaging experience for your patients? 


Offering a Health Coach to help patients between office visits is a great way to increase compliance and stand out in the field as a practitioner who goes above and beyond for their patients.  Monaco’s health coaching sessions are designed to encourage and motivate your patients to take action on your recommendations.  Patients love one on one attention and benefit from external motivation to comply with health recommendations you provide. 


Monaco utilizes a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform to ensure all patient information is safe and confidential. 


Our Health Coaches inspire your patients to comply and adhere to the treatment plan you’ve designed for them.


We offer Online Health Coaching services for all medical practice models, including Allopathic, Naturopathic, and Osteopathic practices.


Monaco Holistic Health Coaching boosts patient success and improves patient outcomes


Guiding patients down the road to success is our specialty. See your patient’s numbers improve with our support and encouragement.

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