Many people think they are healthy, others know they have issues like Metabolic Syndrome, or even Type II Diabetes, or they just want to lose weight. The real question is how and why aren’t they healing?

These are good questions and after years of struggle there is now real scientific evidence as to what is wrong.  Aside from accidents, congenital issues, or pathogenic invasions (like infections), the answer is what we put into our mouth. This means it is the food we eat and water we drink.

We will start with water first since it is the simplest.  Most people today drink bottled water, ok I do know a few who still drink tap water. Most people by now know that tap water has high levels of fluoride, as well as chlorine, in some areas of the country there is arsenic, and other toxins.  Even worse all the meds people take come out in their urine and then gets passed back into the water we drink.  This same water not only comes back to the tap but is used to water the crops that we eat as food.  Many brands of bottled water is nothing more than charcoal filtered tap water, only marginally better than tap water and it comes in very toxic plastic bottles.

The solution is to drink reverse osmosis (R/O) water or if you can make your own distilled water from R/O water. Store water in either glass bottles or stainless-steel containers.  This not only saves the earth from the massive accumulation of plastic bottles that is destroying the environment but provides one with completely clear water.  Fluoride calcifies the glands, like the thyroid, which leads to low thyroid function, which leads to weight gain and other health issues.

Food is the next issue that is crucial for health. One must only eat organic. If you can grow your own that is all the better. There are farmers markets and many grocery stores now carry organic vegetables.  The second issue with food is that people do not eat enough vegetables (no catsup is not a vegetable). Processed foods (the bulk of what is in the grocery story) contains unhealthy oils, way too much sugar (sometimes hidden as high fructose corn syrup), soy, genetically modified organisms (GMO) and other toxins.  Monsanto has been sued several times for its Roundup® product which causes cancer and is sprayed on non-organic crops. Some plants now are modified to make their own bug killer internally then we eat it and that becomes a part of us. Bug killers are neurotoxins and we have many neurons in our bodies just like the bugs it kills. The damage from these foods is cumulative, i.e. it slowly makes one sick.

Some of the symptom of people becoming sick from toxic food and water are fatigue, difficulty sleeping, weight gain, low thyroid hormone levels, inability to deal with stress, etc. while their blood tests or other medical measurements of health show nothing wrong until they become obese or diabetic or worse.

What is the solution? Purified water, organic food, intermittent fasting (12-16 hours between meals), 1-2 meals per day with no snacking, very limited carbohydrates (i.e. NO bread), increased healthy fats, moderate amounts of animal protein (no need to be completely vegetarian to get healthy), absolutely NO sugar or high fructose corn syrup, limited amounts of fruit, and finally “LOTS & LOTS” of non-starchy vegetables. Green, organic, non-starchy vegetables is the most difficult for my patients to adopt in their diet so in those cases I recommend prepackaged, organic, greens powders, especially those with chlorella. After a few months on a diet like the above and one will really notice the difference in their health, energy, sleep, and even begin to reverse current health issues like low thyroid, obesity, and even Type II Diabetes.

Monaco Contributing Author
Beverly Lawrence, Ph.D., L.Ac.
Dancing Bear Healing Center