Can spending time in green spaces improve your child’s memory or ability to pay attention?

A study conducted on school aged (7-9y) children in Barcelona, Spain assessed the relationship between exposure to green space and morphological changes in cognitive areas of the brain. Statistically significant associations were found when measuring both working memory and attention in relation to green space exposure. Both working memory and attention were improved with increased life-long green space exposure in the children. Also of note is these findings remain after controlling for the children’s socioeconomic status.

So what’s the point?

Make sure you and your child have green outdoor space to enjoy regularly! Take the kids outside to play in nature! Spending time outdoors in a natural environment is not only beneficial for children’s cognitive abilities, but for adults as well. Studies prove that green space exposure improves cognitive abilities such as memory and attention. Nature is our best medicine!

Beil, K. Greenspace Exposure Improves Cognitive Performance in Children. Evidence for effects on brain volume. Natural Medicine Journal. May 2018 Supplement Vol. 10 No. 51.

Dr. Carlie Bell-Biggins is Founder and CEO of Monaco.  As a licensed Natural Medicine Physician, she believes in the Healing Power of Nature and the undeniable efficacy of her Individualized Health Care approach.  She has written both Didactic and Clinical Health Care Curriculum and managed Medical Faculty for various college’s Health and Wellness programs.  In private practice, Dr. Bell-Biggins motivated clients to reach their Personal Health Goals with Individualized Natural Health Solutions.  She travels to lecture on various health care topics as an Expert in Natural Health and a Leading Voice in the Natural Health Care industry.